What is optimal health?

 Some people believe that physical activity promotes optimal health, others believe that emotional, social and intellectual activity promotes optimal health. Healthcare professionals of all kinds agree that it includes physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual aspects. 

What do these five areas of well-being mean?

1) Physical health refers to your body. It incorportates exercise, diet, supplements and medications. Smoking, alcohol and drugs all have an affect on your physical health.

2) Emotional health refers to your state of mind. It incorporates self-worth, motivation and the ability to relax. Negative stress has an affect on your emotional health.

3) Social health refers to the ability to interact with friends, family, co-workers and clients.

4) Spiritual health refers to your purpose. If you have a purpose in life, the ability to give and recieve love and emotion.

5) Mental health refers to mental stimulation and growth. This is achieved through school, work, community service, hobbies, reading, ect.

 We all know that following a health lifestyle can sometimes be a challenge, that chocolate or chilling on the couch seems all to tempting sometimes, but the key is everything in moderation. It is ok to indulge in something you enjoy and want occassionally. So here are some tips on how to achieve and maintain optimal health in each of these areas?

1) Physically you can incorporate a exercise program, eat a balanced diet, take the right supplements, try not to take unneccessary medications, stop smoking, don't do drugs and drink moderately.

2) Emotionally you can express your feelings, accept compliments graciously, find ways to help you cope with and manage stress and find activities that help you to relax.

3) Socially you can fulfill responsibilities made to others, show loved ones affection, be less judgemental of others, find efficient ways to communicate.

4) Spiritually you should practice meditation, spend time in prayer and attend spiritual meetings, or/and keep a journal that you write in often.

5) Mentally you can read books and newspapers, attend courses, learn a new skill, and volunteer for good causes.